denr accredited hazardous waste transporter


Cebu Megalube and its sister companies own and operate a fleet of over 20 DENR certified hazardous waste trucks and lorries. All vehicle operators & crew are Hazchem-trained by the DENR-EMB on a regular basis.

Wastes covered by our Transporter Certificate of Registration No. TP=R7-22-000164

Classification: I-101
Used Oil (Engine, Hyrdraulic, Etc.)
Bunker Sludge

Classification: I-102: Used Cooking Oil
Classification: I-104

Oil Contaminated Rags
Oil Contaminated Saw Dust
Oil Contaminated Soil
Oil Contaminated Paper/Wood

Marine Vessel Oily Waste Disposal ServicesLearn how Cebu Megalube can help your company or vessel dispose of its oily wastes in compliance with MARPOL 73/78 guidelines, Annex A