Hazardous Waste Management Services

As a DENR certified hazardous waste treater and transporter, Cebu Megalube performs the following services:

  •   Hazardous Waste Treatment Services  

I-101 Classification: Waste Oils & Bunker Sludge

DENR certified transporter

I-102 Classification: Used Cooking Oil (from Restaurants, Commissaries, Malls and other users)

Image result for used vegetable oil can


I- 104 Classification: Contaminated Rags, Sawdust, etc.


  • Hazardous Waste Transport Services
DENR waste oil transporter treater











I-101 Classification:  Waste Oils & Bunker Sludge

I-102 Classification: Used Cooking Oil

I-104 Classification: Oil Contaminated Materials: Rags, Sawdust, Etc.

  • Hazardous Waste Management & Consultancy

  • Fuel and Sludge Oil Tank & Pipeline Cleaning

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